Detailed design of 52-PO-30101 Project, on the safety equipment of the two Folgoso Tunnels – 1. Project Key Code: 52-PO-30200. Highway A-52, from km 278,500 to km 282,000. Section length: 3.5 km.

The contract comprises all necessary actions, including civil works and buildings, in order to comply with the minimum safety requirements. Folgoso Tunnels are located in Highway A-52, which starts at the 269 access to Highway A-6 and finishes at the access to Highway A-55 (Vigo – Tuy Atlantic Highway). These tunnels are 2,550 m and 2,560 m long. Hazardous materials are allowed passage through them. The safety equipment consisted of: communications systems; high and low voltage power supply; fire protection systems; ventilation/ pressurization, radio-communications systems, signaling, air quality sensors, tunnel traffic control, CCTV, etc.


Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2006 – 2008


Gabinete de Control y Proyectos

Project Figures

Contract Value: 317,146 €