Detailed design of Linares - Albacete Highway (Highway A-32). CN-322 road from Córdoba to Valencia (from km 332.500 to km 347.000 of Road N-322). Section: Balazote - Albacete. Section length: 15.1 km

Detailed design of a 15.1-km section of Highway A-32. The section includes 3 accesses connecting to the current national road and local roads. The project also involves the design of different service roads in order to ensure accessibility to the adjoining plots and buildings and a series of overpasses to connect both sides of the highway.

It is a dual carriageway separated by a 7-m median. It has two lanes each way (3.5 m wide), with inside hard shoulders (1-m-wide) and outside hard shoulders (2.5-m-wide).

The project also covered the design of 11 structures, a double viaduct, 3 road passes, 3 path passes, 3 stock routes and 1 green track.

The construction works reached € 46.8 M.


Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2006 – 2009


Contract Value:
1,448,014 USD