Detailed design; preparation of the tender documents; supervision of the installation of the ITS equipment; assistance to the procurement of the buses and repair materials for the garage of the BRT system in Danang, as well as the implementation of 2 new urban bus routes, and the integration of the new system within the existing urban transport network.

The BRT system and the 2  new bus lines include the following infrastructure:

  • BRT line: 24.9 km
  • Urban bus line: R3; 26.8 km
  • Inter-city bus line: R1; 35.5 km
  • North Terminal (by Bau Tram lake): with an area of 28 000 m2, it involves the following services:
    • Operation and services building.
    • Repair facilities, with an area of 1 800 m2.
    • BRT and urban buses depot, with a capacity for 90 buses of 12 m.
    • Gas station, bus washing facilities, park & ride area.
  • South Terminal, with an area of 5 800 m2 , it comprises the following infrastructure:
    • Services building and parking facilities, with a capacity for 12 buses.
    • Bus washing facilities, park & ride area, etc.
  • Airport Terminal: with an area of 6 000 m2 , it includes the following:
    • Services building and parking facilities, with a capacity for 16 buses.
    • Bus washing facilities
  • Urban line terminals at Bana and Hoi An.
  • Park & ride facilities in 3 strategic areas of the city.

The contract is divided into 2 different lots:

Lot 1: Detailed design and preparation of the tender documents, including:

  • Review and verification of the Feasibility Study and the Preliminary Design
  • Field surveys and specific studies (land surveys, geotechnical and hydrological studies, affected utilities, traffic, etc.).
  • Review and adjustment of the Service Plan.
  • Development of the management model and governmental structuring for the operation of the urban transport system.
  • Design of the logo and name of the BRT system, urban bus lines and management state company.
  • Design of the Plan for Communication.
  • Detailed design of the construction works.
  • Cost estimates.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
    • Tender documents for the civil works.
    • Tender documents for the ITS equipment (ticketing, automatic fare collection, CCTV, etc.).
    • Tender documents for the acquisition of the buses and repair materials.
    • Tender documents for the selection of the concessionaire for the operation of the bus system.

Lot 2: This lot is to be implemented during the construction phase and involves:

  • Technical assistance to the client during the tender process, procurement, installation and commissioning of the technical equipment, computer hardware and software, and vehicles included in the project.
  • Technical assistance services to DATRAMAC (Da Nang Traffic Lights and Public Transport Management Centre) and relevant government agencies:
    • Setting up of the institutional framework for an effective BRT operation
    • Support to the professional development of the governmental employees to gain sufficient capability to carry out their management responsibilities. It includes specific training courses and seminars during the development of their activity.
  • Technical assistance for the promotion of the public transport in Danang, by means of a Plan for Communication, Public Relations and Advertising.


Da Nang Priority Infrastructure Investment Projects Management Unit

Project Dates

2014 – 2017


Artelia Ville et Transport (France) (40%)

Project Figures

Amount of contract:
4.1 million USD

Amount of works:
62 million USD