The Daivões Hydropower scheme, included in the global contract for the conception and design of the “Alto Tâmega, Daivões, Gouvães and Padroselos Hydropower Schemes”, has an arch-gravity concrete dam, 77.5m maximum height above foundation and 265m crowning development.

The Daivões Hydropower scheme comprises:

  • Dam on the Tâmega river, an arch-gravity concrete dam, with 77.5 m maximum height above the foundation and with 265m crowning development and gated spillway over the Dam body;
  • Water intake and hydraulic circuits;
  • Spillway over the dam body, designed for a maximum discharge of 3400 m³/s and equipped with four 11,50 x 9,00 m² (wide x high) radial gates;
  • Semi-buried hydroelectric plant with 2 groups, equipped for the maximum flow rate of 220 m³/s and the maximum power of 118 MW.



Project Dates

2008 – 2011


Aqualogus, Engenharia e Ambiente, Lda
Iberinsa, SA