Synergia provides support for the creation of the 11th Industrial District of CODIC-RJ by conducting environmental research, social communication, and mobilization of residents.

Designed to house the Açu Superport project, the Industrial District of São João da Barra, an initiative of the Industrial Development Company of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CODIC/RJ), covers an area of ​​72 km². The Industrial District is expected to house steel industry plants, shipbuilders, offshore support industries, cement, automotive, oil treatment plants, power plants, and metalworking plants among others. By gathering in one industrial space with port and ore pipeline, the project provides a direct interaction between the production and the product outlet.

Synergia was hired to perform services in communication and social mobilization with families affected by the installation of the Industrial District. The resulting consulting action comprises of, among othes, registering socioeconomic status of families; social support for the client in legal proceedings of taking possession; design, implementation and management of the “Production Assistance” program; and serving the population impacted by the project in the daily shifts of the CODIC-RJ service centers.


Industrial Development Company of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CODIC/RJ)

Project Dates

2015 – 2016

Project Figures

Amount of contract:
237,597.50 €