Construction of the new control tower at Brussels National

This new tower (height 65 m, including the radar antenna) is made up of two elements: the “tower base” building and the tower itself.

The trapezoid-shaped tower base building, with a floor space of 3500 m2, comprises various levels: the basement composed of plant rooms, the ground floor with the entrance lobby, offices, cafeteria, 140-seat auditorium and the 1st floor provided for offices and meeting rooms.

With this new building, the Brussels National airport will in theory be able to manage around 450,000 aircraft movements per year.



Project Dates

Construction : 2000-2005


As a consortium :
SM DCVG made up of the following firms :

G. DUCROCQ – Architects, TPF ENGINEERING (formerly LM.CHAPEAUX sa) -consultant engineers, WJ & MC VAN CAMPENHOUT sa- Architects , TPF ENGINEERING (formerly GEOCAL sa) – consultant engineers

Project Figures

10,820 m²