Consulting and technical assistance services for the control and supervision of the construction works of Madrid-Galicia high speed railway line. Section: Olmedo – Zamora. Subsections: Villafranca del Duero – Coreses. Platform and access to Zamora. Platform (Joint Venture Getinsa – Gestión Integral del Suelo, S.L.) Section length: 28.692 km

Subsection: Villafranca de Duero – Coreses. Platform

Works consisted in the construction of 28.692 km of railway line, 14 m wide, with standard gauge (1,435 mm),

The camber of the cross-section was set to 5%, in order to rapidly drain water from the platform. To calculate layout parameters, the design speed was established at 350 km/h.

The works included the construction of 4 viaducts: the Viaduct over River Guareña, with a 390-m arch span (45+5*60+45), and the Viaduct over River Duero, with a 620-m arch span (40+9*60+40), both of them with jacked decks; and the Viaducts over Valdefinjas Road and over Bebederos Stream, made of pre-cast beams.

The works also covered the construction of 9 overpasses, 17 underpasses, 4 wildlife crossings and 7 drainage works to ensure the continuity of the affected roads. Within the framework of the project, a Train Overtaking and Parking Post and a Halfway Pooling Post have been designed as well. The project also aims at improving safety standards of the current railway line, as it is contemplated the closing of 7 level crossings.

Subsection: Access to Zamora. Platform

Works consisted in the construction of 6.157 km of railway line running on the surface along the entire route and parallel to the existing line most of the time. It is a double-track line with standard gauge (1,435 mm). To calculate layout parameters, the operation speed was established between 220 km/h and 150 km/h, in the vicinity of Zamora.

The works also covered the construction of 2 framed structures over the Algodre canalized stream and viaducts over River Valderaduey, a continuous box girder deck with three arch spans and a 107.23 m of length, a transverse drainage structure and 8 ditch overpasses.

The project includes the removal of 3 level crossings that will be replaced by 3 overpasses made out of girders.


Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development) Dirección General de Ferrocarriles (Directorate General for Railways)

Project Dates

2008 – 2011



Project Figures

Contract Value: 2,151,077 €