The project aims at the construction of a new bypass in Valladolid to improve the metropolitan road network and direct some of the long-distance traffic between the north of Spain and the Inner Plateau by means of a Madrid - Cantabria route running through Valladolid, Palencia and Aguilar de Campo (13 km).

The services provided involved: supervision of the construction works of the highway section running around the city of Valladolid, with 4 overpasses, 7 underpasses and 11 viaducts, including the viaduct over River Pisuerga (250 m) and the viaduct over Highway A-62. The new highway consists in a dual carriageway (7 m wide) with outside shoulders (2.5 m wide) and inside shoulders (1 m wide). The project includes three accesses and upgrading works for the roads connecting to Pisuerga and Cigales, in Highway A-62 (also known as Castile Highway). The total value of the construction works is € 95,360,000.


Secretaría de Estado de Infraestructuras y Planificación (State Secretariat for Planning and Infrastructure). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2009 – ongoing
Expected ending date: 02/2015

Project Figures

Contract Value: 2,254,496 €