Technical assistance services and supervision of the construction works for the Antequera - Granada high speed railway line. Section: Antequera – Peña de los Enamorados. Section length: 8,454.44 m, including 3,465.5 m of viaducts and 790 m of artificial tunnel.

Antequera – Peña de los Enamorados section, 8.45 km long, runs across the towns of Antequera and Archidona, in the province of Málaga. This railway section includes 3,465.5 m of viaduct and 790 m of artificial tunnel. The rest of the section runs on earth platform. The route starts with a 2 mm gradient, as a continuation of the previous section, which grows up to 15 mm when running over Highway A-45. From this point on, the profile decreases to a 5.5 mm gradient in order to adjust to the ground up to the viaduct over River Guadalhorce, where there is a 25 mm ramp to traverse Highway A-92 with sufficient clearance and reach the artificial tunnel with enough depth to limit its length and prevent potentially slippery materials to be affected. Then the profile descends with an 18 mm gradient when traversing Cortijo de Roperos Viaduct and Fuente de Piedra – Granada highway, with the sufficient clearance over the road. The route keeps on falling with the same gradient in order to limit the height of the existing embankment and finishes with a 25 mm gradient to connect with the previous section.

Control and supervision services included all necessary actions in order to ensure proper compliance with the contract, in accordance with ADIF regulations (the Spanish Railway Authority), as well as compliance with the project requirements and other regulations currently in force.

The supervision of the construction works did not only cover supervision services during the construction works and/or installation of the equipment, but also all prior actions (preliminary analysis of the project, control of materials and further resources required for the construction, etc.) as well as those actions immediately following the works (final testing of all the elements). Besides, the contract involved: Bill of Quantities; schedule control and record of all documents produced during the construction works.

The main structures included in this project were:

  • V1. Viaduct over Highway A-45 (150 m long)
  • V2. Viaduct over River Guadalhorce and Highway A-92 (2,525.5 m long)
  • V3. Roperos Viaduct (684 m long)
  • V4. Viaduct over Fuente de Piedra-Granada railway line (126 m long)
  • Artificial tunnel (790 m long)
  • 300.6, 306.9 and 307.2 underpasses


Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) (Spanish Railway Authority)

Project Dates

2011 – 2013



Project Figures

Contract Value:  3,049,936 €