Control and supervision services for the reinforcement of the lining in Lilla, Camp Magre and Puig Cabrer tunnels of the Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona - French Border high speed railway line. Section: Lleida - Martorell. Section length: 3,753 km

The works involved the reinforcement of the lining and invert of the following tunnels: Lilla (2,065 m long and a 90 m2 cross-section), Camp Magre (984 m long and a 110 m2 cross-section) and Puig Cabrer (704 m long and a 113 m2 cross-section). The three tunnels are included in the Lleida – Barcelona section of the Madrid – Barcelona – French Border high speed railway line. The tunnels’ area suffers from serious geotechnical problems, due to the existence of highly expansive materials (argillite and platered lutite with a high content of anhydrite). These works are meant to reinforce different tunnel sections so as to guarantee their functionality and consolidate the track platform, in accordance with the parameters established in the detailed design.

The reinforcement works comprise: ground strengthening measures, improvements to the drainage and, more especially, increasing the concrete coating of the tunnel invert in order to support ground pressure at the tunnel base.

The consultant must carry on supervision services for the construction works, including: quality control of materials and procedures; implementation of the quality assurance plan; financial control with monthly and final payment estimates; administrative control; environmental control; monitoring the implementation of the environmental mitigation measures; health and safety at work; preparation of technical modifications to the project and supervision of the settlement project. The consultant also plays an important role in the geotechnical inspection and tunnel convergence measurement.


Gestor de infraestructuras ferroviarias (GIF)

Project Dates

2004 – 2006



Project Figures

Contract Value: 1,099,488 €