This project had in its scope specialized services of engineering to the management, supervision and technical assistance to the Secretaria das Cidades (Cities Secretary), aiming the implementation of the Urban and Environmental Improvements Program of the Maranguapinho River, in the municipalities of Fortaleza, Maranguape, Caucaia and Maracanaú, Ceará State

The Urban and Environmental Improvements Program of the Maranguapinho River (Brazilian Portuguese acronym PROMURB) has as its main goal the improvement of the dwelling conditions of the population that lies by the riverbank that are in dangerous conditions to safety and health. Therefore, the engineering actions of this program aim to control the river floods for a recurrence period of 20 years, clearing of the main riverbank, relocation of families to safer areas and provided with basic infrastructure, recovery of the environmental preservation lane of the river, sanitation works and access to public services to the population that resides at this protected lane of the Maranguapinho River.

The developed projects by Engesoft were the conception project of dredging and the river dam, as well as:

  • Management, supervision and technical assistance plano of the engineering services and works;
  • Information Integrated System;
  • Planning, scheduling and financial monitoring.

Other activities in the scope of this project were the consultancy to the management, supervision and technical assistance; inspection and control materials and equipment; management and monitoring of the technical-social work; and safety, hygiene and occupational health monitoring



Project Dates

08/2010 – 12/2013

Project Figures

Contract value : 2,797,971.97 €