Marseille will shortly welcome a state-of-the-art commercial centre. The expertise of TPF Ingénierie and its subsidiary SECMO will be used in the construction of the Prado commercial centre, a highly technical urban project which is part of the real estate program accompanying the Stade Vélodrome.

The building consists of 7 levels of public underground parking and a commercial centre of more than 10,000 m² spread over 5 levels of shops, positioned around a mail with an opening on the outside and covered with a glass canopy, which rests on a metal frame and protects customers from the weather. The building has been designed according to an environmental approach including the BREEAM® “Excellent” certification, and an approach including the permanent reuse of resources named “Cradle-to-cradle”.

Important constraints have to be taken into account in the development of this project designed according to a 3d digital mock-up (bim design). The teams of TPF-I and SECMO are respectively involved in the project management and final design studies of infrastructure and superstructure works, and their geotechnical impact on surrounding structures. The control of geotechnical soil structure interactions in seismic zone (zone 2) is essential for this project which requires a modal analysis.


CIRMAD Grand Sud

Project Dates

2015 – 2017


  • Didier Rogeon Architecte
  • Benoy Architecte
  • GFC Construction Entreprise générale