Transformation of a former car leadership into retail spaces requiring the construction of a roundabout on the N5 to improve access to and exit from the new shopping center.

The project involves the study of a new roundabout, the study of the roads and the integration of a cycle track.

The program comprises:

  • the construction of a new roundabout on a 2x2lane national road, road having a 4.5 – 5 % outslope
  • the construction of a road that connects the new roundabout
  • the integration of the new vertical road signs
  • the study of a new lighting aiming to draw the attention of the drivers to this new road development

TPF Engineering (formerly Louis Engineering) provided assistance to the owner in realizing studies for the design, the coordination, the planning and the work monitoring and control related to the equipment necessary for implementing a roundabout on the N5 in Genappe.


Property and Advice

Project Dates


Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
439,583.90 €