As part of the European REGAIN program which aims to encourage investors to build or refurbish high energy performance industrial buildings, the objective of this project, representing a surface of 1,300 sqm, is the construction of a relay center offering offices and workshop spaces with high energy performance.


An evaluation grid including multi-criteria (related to the construction costs, maintenance costs of the building, energy consumption, the realization plan, …) has been developed by the Economic Office of the Province of Namur (BEP) in collaboration with the Prof. Jean-Marie HAUGLUSTAINE attending the University of Liège. This evaluation tool aiming to give a score for each building will be used by the other European partners participating in the REGAIN program.

During the whole preliminary phase, the consulting firms assisted the Economic Office of the Province of Namur (BEP) with the implementation, the orientation, the volumetric analysis and the general design of the building. They also identified the impact on the energy performance taking into consideration the construction concept, the choice of materials, the lighting, the natural ventilation system and the renewed supply of air.

The building concept aims to save grey energy. Reinforced concrete beams and columns have been used for the offices spaces in the underground floor, ground floor and the first floor while glue-laminated timber beams with precast reinforced concrete columns have been used for the workshop spaces.


BEP Expansion Economique

Project Dates

2010 – 2011


Partner: Architect: BEP NAMUR


Technical building services: GEI BRUXELLES in integration with MATRICIELLE

Safety Coordination: D. Plunus – LIEGE

Contractor: BEMAT

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
1.55 Million