TPFEPL was appointed as a Consultant for providing a Detailed Project Report and for conducting Pre-tender activities for this ambitious project which will divert traffic across Mumbai.

As a part of Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) project, East-West Corridor is proposed to disperse the traffic from MTHL. The idea is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic to the intended destination without disturbing local traffic. Most of the current developmental projects in Mumbai are focused towards traffic moving from North-South, whereas this project will focus on traffic moving from East-West. Therefore, the proposed corridor will be designed, so as to correctly disperse the traffic without causing bottlenecks in the city. The total length of project is 4.5 kms and it is completely elevated at about 27-30 m. above ground level. At one or two locations, the corridor will run at a 3rd level as well.


Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

Project Dates

2013 – ongoing

Project Figures

Project costs: INR 4900 Million