Completed study

This project comprises the realisation of feasibility studies for the installation of a combined heat and power generation unit close to the existing boiler room at the Institut Redouté-Peiffer

This project comprises the feasibility study for a combined heat and power generation unit, that is:

  • The technical aspects:
    • dimensioning of the combined heat and power generation unit
    • integration of the installation into the existing facilities
  • The economic aspects:
    • Investment amount estimates
    • Operational cost estimates (labour, fuels);
    • Estimate of the benefit over the fuel used presently;
    • Application of regional, federal subsidies;
    • Estimation of the return on investment time frame and on the economic opportunity of conducting the work.
  • The environmental aspects:
    • impact on the production of CO2.


Commission Communautaire Française (COCOF)

Project Dates

2013 – 2015