The City of Culture of Galicia is a cultural complex located in Northern Spain and consists of six buildings. It is aimed at promoting the culture and the language of the region.

The Library, the Museum of History, the Centre of New Technologies, the Theatre, the Building for Central Services and the Newspaper Library are being constructed over a plot of 220,000 m2, including the central utility plant and distribution systems. The total floor space is 145,227 m2. The project is based on the design of the worldwide famous architect Peter Eisenman, who had won the tender to do the design of the City of Culture of Galicia in 1999.

  • Newspaper Library. It consists of a large reading room, an exhibition area, an archive storage area and a conservation centre.
  • Library. It has six floors.
  • Music Theatre. It hosts one auditorium with capacity for 1580 people and another one for 500 people. It accommodates green rooms, workshops, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, offices, cafeteria, etc.
  • New Technologies.
  • Museum of History. It is dedicated to exhibit the history of Galicia and of Galician people. The building has a total floor area of 20,859.97 m2, a height of 25 m, with six levels.
  • Central Services. The building can host large group meetings. It consists of one conference room with capacity for 200 people and one congress room for 300 people, including offices.


Regional Government of Galicia

Project Dates



Andrés Perea Ortega (10 %)

Project Figures

Project costs: 15,103,482 €
Construction value: 320,706,077 €