New institution for elderly people Sainte Catherine site: 14,381 sqm including 9,000 sqm for the rest home + rest and care home

The project is divided into two components:

The first one concerns the design, the construction and the pre-financing of :

  • A rest and care home with 133 beds
  • A day care center with 15 places
  • An assisted living residence comprising 20 housing units.

The second one concerns the design, the construction, the pre-financing and the marketing of apartments, retail and office spaces.

Studies and supervision of the technical installations :

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditionning
  • Sanitary facilities and fire protection
  • Electrical installations
  • Lifts and handling Equipment





Centre Hospitalier de Huy

Project Dates

Studies: 2015

Execution: 2015-2017


FRANKI  – Architecture office Henri GARCIA



Project Figures

Amount of works:
15,021,000 €