The dam Chertioua, located on the river with the same name, has a reservoir with a storage volume of 10.4 hm³ and is intended to supply an agricultural zone. The study includes a component of treatment of watersheds with the objective of erosion control.

Type of dam: zoned embankment with clay core;

Landfill volume: 1,53 hm³;

Maximum height of dam: 50,5 m;

Development and crown width: 421 m and 10 m;

Flood spillway: in front with the free surface and 40 m profile Creoger development, channel 224 m refund with power dissipation basin damping (QDIM = 520m³/s).

The study will include the completion of a reduced model of the flood spillway and organ discharge background and will have a treatment component in the catchment for the purpose of erosion control in the same.

It was also carried out the Environmental Impact Study.


Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts

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