The perimeter is located 60 km from Luanda (3600 ha) presenting great potential for growing fresh produce for the supply of the capital.

It has the following main features:

  • Primary system consists of a trapezoidal concrete channel with 21,7 km of length, with controlled amount and maximum flow of 3,87 m³/s
  • Secondary system consists of 20 collective networks in pressure, derived directly from the channel, in which are installed 219 delivery points.

At each point of delivery there is a pump group that, as a whole, has a total installed power of 4470 kW, driven by 91 diesel generators with total installed power of 9320 kW.

Study Objectives: Definition of the Growing Area, Analysis of Engineering Studies, Business and Investment Plan, setting the Master Plan Organization and the future of the Grid Management Entity


Sociedade de Desenvolvimento dos Perímetros Irrigados, S.A.

Project Dates

2006 – 2009


ProSistemas Angola