Consulting and assistance services for the supervision of Castilla La Mancha A-40 Highway. Connection of Highway A-5 to Highway A-3 and Cuenca. Section: Torrijos (East) – Toledo (Northwest)

The works comprised a stretch of Castilla La Mancha A-40 Highway, in the section between Torrijos and Toledo, with a total length of 22.22 km (key code of the project: 12-TO-3190).

The road consists of 2 carriageways, with two 3.5 m lanes, 2.5 m outside hard shoulders and 1 m inside hard shoulders. The design speed of the project is 120 km/h. It starts at km 15+740, on the edge of the towns of Torrijos and Barcience, and ends at km 37.71.

The works included three intersections:

  • Rielves Intersection (km 19+100): Diamond interchange composed of four direct branch roads, two roundabouts and a slip road with a highway overpass.
  • Guadarrama Intersection (km 27+800): It is composed of four branch roads and two roundabouts connected by a slip road.
  • Intersection at km 32+300: Partial cloverleaf interchange composed of three direct branch roads, two roundabouts, a slip road and road N-403, which connects the two roundabouts.

The road stretch running from km 34+100 to the end of the section is ceded to the Toledo City Council and includes three roundabouts (at km 35+900, km 37+100 and km 37+600).

As for the structures, the project involved the construction of three viaducts, five overpasses, eight underpasses and five engineering structures.


Dirección General de Carreteras (Directorate General for Roads). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2005 – 2013



Project Figures

Contract Value:
3,521,010.14 €