Consulting and assistance services for the supervision of the works of Cantábrico A-8 Highway. Section: Solares - La Encina. Province of Cantabria

The works referred to in this project supposed the completion of Highway A-8 in Cantabria. With an approximate length of 13.3 km, the road is divided into three sub-sections. The first sub-section (from km 0+000 to km 2+500) and the third one (from km 11+000 to km 13+300) result from the doubling of the carriageway of current N-634 road. It also includes three intersections: Sarón, Sobremazas and Solares, which connects to highways A-8 and S-10.

The first sub-section has a design speed of 80 km/h, with a length of 2,500 m. This sub-section runs parallel to N-634 road. It includes the construction of a viaduct over River Suscuaja. After this structure, N-634 road is restored by an underpass.

The second sub-section has a design speed of 100 km/h. It starts by restoring Road N-634 with an overpass and leaves the road to the north. It includes three viaducts: La Llama (990 m long), the viaduct over El Encinal brook, in the town of Liérganes (115 m long), and the viaduct over River Pámanes and Road CA-160 (290 m long), with a composite structure.

The third sub-section has a length of 2,440 m and runs from km 10+900. It approaches again the N-634 road and uses it as one of the two carriageways of the highway.

The works comprised 4 million m³ of excavation and 2 million m³ of embankment, as well as 6 overpasses, 13 underpasses, 31 retaining and supporting walls and 28 culverts.

 Value of the construction works: € 90,827,936.00          


Dirección General de Carreteras (Directorate General for Roads). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2007 – 2011

Project Figures

Contract Value:
€ 2,473,739.00