TPF Planege Cenor’s intervention in the Caniçal Port has begun with the construction of the Naval Shipyard, Container Pier, Fishing Pier and Fish market, having been always present in the supervision of all work that were being built, namely the construction of the pier and its extensions, extending to the East and West of the container Pier, construction of a ramp roll-on-Roll-off, the passenger terminal and the cargo terminal.

The project included the expansion of the Naval dockyard and the installation of a system of transfer and ship docking up to 90 m long with 5 stations of fairing (syncrolift); a fishing Pier with 130 m long and an embankment for installation of the fishing market with 6,000 m² of area; a Commercial Wharf with 125 m length, with possibility of mooring for Sunset and Sunrise; a Boatyard for fishing vessels with 13,000 m² area of embankment; the construction of the outer breakwater with 575 meters consisting of Prism-based rock caissons, with implementation of the superstructure and curtain wall in the entire length of the pier; North Pier enlargement to the East until the encounter with the outer breakwater and the construction of a ramp roll-on/roll-off and expansion of Pier North to West in about 90 meters.


APRAM (Administração dos Portos da Região Autónoma da Madeira)

Project Dates

1994 – 2006