The Campo de Dalías Desalination Plant project was co-funded by the European Union. The plant can serve a resident population of up to 625,000 people.

The services provided involved construction supervision of:

  • Seawater conveyance pipe and brine outfall pipe, both totalling 6 km
  • Construction work on the desalination plant including civil engineering and electrical and mechanical systems
  • 6-km long transmission pipeline 1,100 mm in diameter, which takes the desalinated water from the desalination plant to the distribution tank
  • Distribution tank with a storage capacity of around 25,000 m3
  • Treated water distribution pipeline, diameters ranging 1,100 mm to 700 mm, around 33 km long
  • Power line connection works

Main technical features:

  • The plant operates 310 days/year
  • Process: 2-stage reverse osmosis
  • Recovery: 45% in two passes; 1st pass recovery is 47.2% (1st stage); and 2nd pass recovery is 90% (2nd stage)
  • Physical and chemical treatment with pressure sand filters
  • Permeate capacity: 97,200 m3/day
  • Number of racks: 6 treatment lines with a capacity of 10,800 m3/day, enlargeable to 8
  • Annual production capacity: 30 MCM/year, it can be increased to reach 40 MCM/year
  • Seawater intake system: open intake (offshore pipe of 3 km length)


Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas ACUAMED

Project Dates



PYCSA (30%)
ZOFRE (15%)

Project Figures

Project costs: 3,828,413 €
Construction value: 111,131,256 €