With an intervention area of 261 ha, characterized by informal and disordered settlement, the complex studies included the definition of requalification strategies, namely the study of new urban networks, the definition and integrated design of urban infrastructures to be installed, water networks and sewage, electricity and telecommunications, road network and green spaces, aiming to end the precarious conditions of hygiene and habitability of the populations.

The studies included:
– Diagnosis of the reference situation;
– Data analysis;
– Definition of intervention strategies for water infrastructures, basic sanitation, telecommunications, electricity and road network.

The hydrological studies also included:
– Determination of flood zones and associated risks (recurrence period);
– Definition of soil occupation, based on hydrological studies;
– Design of the hydraulic infrastructures according to the hydrological study.


Ministry of Urbanism and Housing of Angola – National Directorate of Urban Infrastructures

Project Dates

2013 – 2015