The new city occupies an area of 200 ha and is estimated to have an occupation of 60,000 inhabitants (1st Phase)

From the urbanistic point of view, the city develops according to a reticulate structure that defines blocks. The presence of a river that crosses the entire city to southeast / northwest axis and a green “Landscape Belt” in the sense northeast /southwest, generates a special and refreshing landscape feature.
The central area is mostly occupied by areas of trade and services, public green area of residence and leisure and Hospital.
It is also provided kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, support centers for children, hospital, market, hypermarket, terminal of public transportation, areas of trade and services, areas to stay and leisure to be used by citizens.Regarding the residential area the plan provides for 10,002 dwellings (Phase 1), which are distributed in buildings of high, medium and low density 5, 9 and 11 floors.



Project Dates