Located in Lisbon at Parque das Nações (former location of the EXPO 98), the St. Rafael Tower, completes the architectonic complex which includes its twin Tower, the Tower of St. Gabriel and the Vasco da Gama mall.

This housing building composed by 32 storeys of which 5 underground and 27 aboveground, has a construction area of 31,500 sqm of which 7,500 underground .The superstructure is formed by a mixed structure of steel beams and pillars, massive slabs, cast using the pre slab process with compression blade. The two concrete structures, of the lifts nucleus, form the dorsal spine of the structural model of the building. The façade is made of double masonry walls covered with granite tiles. The ellipsoidal shaped building has 137 duplex apartments above the third floor. The boat deck shaped second floor level, houses the majority of the technical installations of the building. At the 27thfloor a panoramic terrace forms the roofing of the building.


Ferrovial Imobiliária

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