Complete design for the refurbishment of the Central Metro station, the most visited station of Brussels. The purpose of this project is to make this station accessible to everyone, and to make it a comfortable, user-friendly, clean and a secure place for the travellers.

The projected future works are mainly the following:

  • New external walls;
  • New roof slabs, mezzanine and platforms;
  • New columns;
  • New accesses from the surface:
    • Two groups of two escalators rue Ravenstein (in conformity with the surface design of the new tramway line from Central Station);
    • An elevator at the crossroads Ravenstein – Cantersteen;
    • A staircase at the crossroads Cardinal Mercier – Loxum;
  • New mezzanine access – platform:
    • A side staircase Colonies;
    • An elevator Koloniënstraat
    • Two escalator + stairs at the intersection Cardinal Mercier – Putterie
  • Construction of new public sewers
  • Concessionaires facilities removal


Brussels-Capital Region
Brussels Mobility – AED/DITP


Studiebureau W & M Van Campenhout


Project Figures

Project cost:
± 12.000.000 VAT not incl.