Bridge over KRISHNA River Connecting Somasila in Telengana and Siddeswaram in Andhra Pradesh

The initial work for the major Bridge Project that we received is under progress. The Bridge will be quite unique in nature with 728m continuous and integral with total length of 1928m with the configuration of 6 x 50m + 64m + 5 x 120m + 64m + 16x 50m. The height of Bed Level to top of road is about 40m. The foundations are RCC Bored Pile of 2500mm diameter. The advantage of large Pier height was taken through continuity. The major challenge faced was due to heavy monsoons and the Geotechnical Work could not take off in full swing due to submergence of the entire area. However, our supervisors, engineers and field stuff made the project a success.


Roads & Building Department, Govt. of Telangana


Project Dates

2016 – ongoing