Development of the preliminary technical project and economic, environmental and financial feasibility studies of the Borborema Aqueduct System, located at the State of Paraíba, beneficiating a population across 70 municipalities.

This contract involved the development of projects of water supply systems to a population of 70 municipalities located on the semi-arid region of Paraiba State, where the water scarcity is a common characteristic of the local climate, resulting in a water deficit, which promotes several problems to the socioeconomic development of a significant population at the Paraiba State.

The Borborema Aqueduct System is located within the São Francisco River Integration Project with the Water Basins of the Northernmost Northeast, which has the objective of offering water in quantity and quality to the Northeast semi-arid, through the transposition of the São Francisco River to the water basins of Piranhas, Paraíba, Curimataú and Jacú.



Project Dates

06/2014 – 05/2015

Project Figures

Contract value : 1,555,722.99 €