The Mouscron purification plant, with a nominal capacity of 100,000 p.e. entered into service on 22 December 2001.

The operating results have shown that the plant processed a double load BOD.

The production of sludge was in the region of 12 tonnes of dry matter per day, anaerobic digestion of sludge with a daily capacity of 6 tonnes of dry matter had been set up.

This digestion allowed for the reduction in the amount of sludge to be co-incinerated.

The biogas produced is burnt in a 350 kVA combined heat and power generator. The electricity generates green certificates.

The heat produced heats the sludge digester to 35°C.

Primary settling sends the mixed sludge (primary and excess biological) to the digester.

The project designer assignment awarded to TPF-Utilities includes the following design projects:

  • Preliminary designs and outline plan: dimensioning the installations, estimating the cost of the works and the operating costs, …
  • Drafting the specifications, that is to say, the administrative terms and conditions, general terms and conditions for civil engineering and electromechanical equipment, special terms and conditions and the related appendices (tender documentation, estimate to be completed, etc.)
  • Analysis of tenderers’ bids and drafting the award report.
  • Management of works, including: planning follow-up, verification of civil engineering and electromechanical technical proposals, checking the proper execution of works, progress approval and final statement, etc.


Intercommunale de Propreté Publique du Hainaut Occidental (IPALLE)

Project Dates

2009 – 2012