Development of the urban infrastructure project of the Nova Jaguaribara City, located at the State of Ceará, where water supply and distribution, collection of sanitary sewage and rainwater drainage were designed, as well as rational deforestation, earthworks and pavement

The Nova Jaguaribara City was born in consequence of the inundation of the lake formed by the Castanhão Dam. Therefore, it was designed a new city, beginning since the rational deforestation to the implementation, resulting in 313,43 hectares of projected urban equipment. The city was designed reflecting the whole social-cultural organization of the flooded city called Jaguaribara, being projected to be a Nova (new, in Portuguese) Jaguaribara, where better services of infrastructure were presented. The developed projects for this new city were:

  • Water distribution system, with the conception of an aqueduct of 4 kilometers of extension, water treatment facility with an yield of 56,25 L/s, pumping stations, elevated water tanks and a water distribution network of 56,8 kilometers of extension as well as residential water connections.
  • Urban drainage system with 14,7 kilometers of galleries
  • 53 kilometers of paved roads;
  • Sanitary sewage system with stabilization lagoons, pumping stations, treatment system, 60 kilometers of sewage networks and residential connections.

This project benefited approximately 42.000 people in the city of Nova Jaguaribara



Project Dates

09/1996 – 10/1997

Project Figures

Contract value : 30,936.60 €