The project consists of the studies and the realization of a new power plant en the production sit of Rixensart. A new building will also be build (4 500 m²) to include the power plant.

The new building will also include a shop with spare parts and engineering offices for about 110 employees.

The new power plant allows the production of chilled water (needed for pharmaceutical processes and cooling of buildings) and steam raising.

This site should facilitate the future development of the site of Rixensart.

The planned facilities include:

  • 16 MW for the production of chilled water
  • 45 t/h for the production of steam
  • 12,5 MW for the production of cooling water

The basic engineering is composed of:

  • Equipments basic design (definition of the net, functional analysis, P&ID).
  • Heat and mass balance (energy production optimization, green certificates, …)
  • Cost estimation of the building (with a margin of 10 %)
  • Lay out study and building guide plan.
  • Etudes d’implantation et plans guides des bâtiments.
  • Coordination of the differents fields (architecture, engineering, special techniques, black utilities, electricity, acoustic, security and environnement).



Project Dates

2010 – 2011