Monitoring of the project of the phase of preliminary study in the development of the impact on the environment, the characterization of the reference situation of the intervention zone, with the limitation of sensitive areas to preserve ecological and archaeological aspects to identify and assess the impacts of the project, propose mitigation measures. In a second phase, the Environmental Project Compliance Report has been prepared.

It was made the Environmental and Archaeological Monitoring of construction, as well as the Environmental Monitoring (birds, bats and flora, vegetation and habitats) during the phases before implementation of the project, construction and operation.

The project included:

  • 56 turbines unit of 2000 kilowatts, distributed by 4 Sub parks of wind (Aveloso, Carvalhosa, Picão and Arada) and two mountains (Arada and Montemuro);
  • Construction of new roads over a length of 17.1 km;
  • Rehabilitation of roads in an extension of 3.6 km;
  • 46 km of overhead power lines;
  • One Cutting station of Casais;
  • 3 buildings of control/substation;

Several kilometers of cable trenches to install electrical interconnection cables between the wind turbines and the control building / substation.


Eólica da Arada, SA

Project Dates

2003 – 2014