Supervision and monitoring of the engineering works of the Alto Santo Aqueduct System and implementation of the Environmental Education Program on the influenced area by the engineering project, situated at the Alto Santo Municipality, State of Ceará

The construction project of the Alto Santo Aqueduct was developed with the purpose of beneficiate, on the project horizon of 30 years (year 2003 to 2033), a population of approximately 7500 people, at the city of Alto Santo. The designed system is composed of a water catchment by fluctuating platforms at the surface de lake formed by the Riacho da Serra Dam, a system of pumps that sends the water to a transition point, where the natural water is sent by pumping and gravitation to the water treatment plant to be constructed at the city of Alto Santo. The total distance of the aqueducts travel 12 kilometers since the Riacho da Serra Dam to the water treatment plant.

Additionally, it was also developed an environmental feasibility study, allowing the entrepreneur to obtain the environmental license in accordance to the current environmental legislation. Last but not least, an Environmental Education Program was implemented on the influenced area by the Aqueduct System Project.



Project Dates

12/2013 – 07/2014

Project Figures

Contract value : 282,948.41 €