Synergia has supported Anglo American in the development of productive restructuring projects, geared toward small farmers residing in the area of indirect influence of the Minas-Rio project, which consists of a coalmine and an ore pipeline.

Between 2014 and early 2015, within the scope of the Social Responsibility actions of the company, Synergia performed a diagnostic, aiming to trace the socioeconomic profile of the rural community and agricultural production in the area of indirect influence of the Minas-Rio Project.

The goal of this study was to characterize families and agricultural activities traditionally developed by small property owners who sustain themselves via family farming. Fifty-eight families were interviewed.

The result of this study will assist the development of the Agricultural Restructuring Project, which will be executed starting this year.

Currently, Synergia is participating in a bidding process for the continuation of this work.


Anglo American Brasil

Project Dates

2014 – 2015

Project Figures

Amount of contract:

252,618.74 €