Construction of a reception lobby-cafetaria and extension of the Andre Renard Hospital representing a surface of 4,000 sqm

The new reception lobby/cafetaria is located on the existing parking level, above the technical and archive premises. In order to settle the problems related to the hospital structure, a new reinforced concrete floor has been built on the ground floor. The roof is made of laminated timber beams of 15 m span. The extension, located at the back of the private hospital, will host a new emergency unit on the ground-floor, the one-day clinic on the first floor, the geriatric unit on the second floor and the administrative services on the third and fourth floors. Technical premises are located within the roof while the archives will be located in one underground room.

Mushroom floor slabs, used for allowing the passage of the technical utilities into the ceilings, are supported by reinforced concrete columns and reinforced concrete panels. Raft foundations are used under the building, founded on firm gravel (of the river Meuse).


Fonds et services sociaux – SOLIDARIS Network

Project Dates

Execution: 2010 – 2014


Architect: Bureau d’Architecture Henri GARCIA

Engineering Consultancy: BICE Bureau d’Ingénieurs Conseils en Equipement

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:

5.4 M€ for the main structure and finishing work
1.5 M€ for stability