The adductor project of Brinches-Enxoé and Respective Irrigation Block, benefiting an area of 4877 ha, divided into 3 irrigation blocks, encompasses several sub-projects, of which TPF Planege held:

  • Pumping station of Brinches that, through a pumping conduct with 4.4 km, rises 9.1 m3/s to Brinches South Reservoir, with a capacity of 322 dam³.
  • The Brinches South Reservoir feeds the Adductor Brinches-Enxoé, with 18.1 kilometers of development and a maximum flow of 6.5 m³/s, which, in its way, is the gravitational distribution for the reservoirs of Serpa, Lage, Enxoé and the reservoir of Montinhos.
  • The Reservoir of Montinhos with a capacity of 148 dam³, is the infrastructure of regularization of the Irrigation block Serpa-Pias 1, with an area of 1230 ha and a 13.3 km irrigation network.
  • The Irrigation block Serpa-Pias 3, with an area of 1349 ha, as 14.0 kilometers of networks and will be powered by the Lage reservoir.
  • 7,5 km of secondary watercourses were subject of cleaning and reprofiling


Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva, S.A. (EDIA)

Project Dates

2006 – 2016


COBA – Consultores de Engenharia e Ambiente, S.A.