Readjustment and modernization of the construction Project of the Acarape reservoir aqueduct system, for the water supply on the industrial district of the Municipality of Maracanaú as well as the water infrastructure of the Pacajus Municipality industrial district, both located on the State of Ceará.

This contract covered the development of construction projects of the readjustment and modernization of more than 20 kilometers of the Acarape reservoir aqueduct, which is linked to important set of reservoirs, such as the Pacoti-Riachão-Gavião reservoir system that is crucial to the water supply on the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. In addition to that, the aforementioned aqueduct acts as a strategic water reserve to this region. Finally, this Project involved the design of pumping water stations, water catchment system and water reservation structures.

Additionally, the construction Project of the water infrastructure improvement of Pacajus was developed through the expansion of the industrial district aqueduct in Horizonte/Pacajus, covering the water demand until the year of 2050, meeting the demands of important local industries as well as connecting this system to the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza Reservoir System, involving activities on water catchment, adduction and reservation.



Project Dates

11/2012 – 10/2013

Project Figures

Contract value : 193,373.83 €