In association with Portuguese subsidiary TPF Planege, TPF secured a Management Contract for the design and construction of the A1 motorway Strykow "Tuszyn" including the supervision of the design and execution of works

In Poland A1 motorway runs through Gdansk – Torun – Łodz – Czestochowa – Katowice – to the southern border with the Czech Republic in Gorzyczki. The A1 and A2 motorway will provide a basic road system stabilizing development opportunities for Lodz region specified in the approved plan of spatial development plans. The presented section is located in the province of Lodz, in districts Zgierz, Łodz East. Construction of the highway will positively affect to the environment by taking some traffic from existing national roads (No 1) and provincial roads (No 14) and removal of heavy traffic from residential areas. This will improve the acoustic climate, road safety and reduce air pollution in areas located near these roads. The use of modern surface, improving the flow of traffic as well as the use of additional collateral in the form of: acoustic screens, the necessary buy-outs, animal crossings, planting of greenery and the drainage system and the cleaning of rain will help to ease the burden of motorway environment. The project will improve safety conditions for both pedestrians and car traffic.


GDDKiA Warszawa

Project Dates

2011 – 2016


TPF Planege

Project Figures

Project costs: ca 235.8 MEUR (tax excl.)