PPP contract including design, construction, repair and upgrading works, maintenance and operation of 94.2 km of road infrastructure for a 19-year period of time. The shadow toll system establishes payment by the Administration using a vehicle-kilometer rate.

The services provided involved: detailed design of the construction works, acquisition of the area required for the project, quality control, final inventory of the road elements during the concession period and upon completion of the construction works, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance including winter maintenance of all the elements included in the contract, and operation and management of the concession.

As part of the works to be carried out, it was conducted an inspection of the highway by using an audiovisual system, integrated with the GPS positioning signal on a real-time cartography, in addition to: (i) Collection of geo-referenced information and structuring of spatial databases; (ii) Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System for the collection of information; (iii) Road Planning; (iv) Transit Systems.

The total amount of the concession contract was 320,180,701.05 € and the value of the construction works reached € 92,165,948.78.

The services provided by Getinsa amounted to € 31,833,515.75

Getinsa holds 13 % of the shares of the O&M Company.



Project Dates

2007 – 2026