In the third quarter of 2017, TPF GETINSA EUROESTUDIOS started the expansion of its business activities into another African country. The company successfully entered the Mauritanian market by securing three contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation to provide consulting services related to water and environment projects.

Water resources are particularly important for agriculture and livestock farming in Mauritania, since a majority of the population depends on them for a livelihood. Despite this fact, millions of cubic metres of water are wasted during the rainy season due to the lack of collection and storage systems. TPF GETINSA EUROESTUDIOS is proud of its involvement in three projects that will contribute to increasing efficient use of Mauritania’s precious yet scarce water resources.

Supervision of the construction of the Sequelil Dam in Adrar
The Seguelil dam, a gravity dam made of cyclopean concrete, with a length of 420 m and a height of 19 m, is the second large dam that is being built in the country.

Study for the identification of 100 storm-water runoff retention structures in the wilayas of Hodhs de l´Assaba, Guidimagha, Gorgol, Brakna, Tagant, Icnchit, Adrar and Tiris Zemmour
This major programme for runoff collection and reuse is part of a long-term policy that will improve ecosystems and living conditions in the area.

Detailed design for the construction of a large dam in Tarf Elmehroud, district of Tintane, in the Hodh Elgharbi region.
The Taref El Mehroud dam, located about 15 km west of the town of Tintane, has been selected as the most suitable option to store rainwater and protect the town against floods.



TPF GETINSA-EUROESTUDIOS has been awarded a contract to provide technical inspection services for projects undertaken by the Chilean company Metro, S.A. during the period 2017-19.
This framework contract encompasses comprehensive technical inspection services related to the works the company is carrying out on all the existing lines, including administrative buildings, stations, depots, main tracks, sidings and test tracks. The most significant projects that will be pursued during the two-year period comprise Noise Mitigation in Viaducts, Maintenance Workshop Renovation, CCTV System Improvement, Perimeter Security Project, Networks, Full Accessibility, Lighting and Distribution Substations, Centralised UPS, Passenger Information Programmes, Improvement of Public Address Systems in Stations, Upgrades to technical and administrative buildings, SCADA systems integration, Access Control Systems, Pajaritos Intermodal Station or LV HV distribution substations, to name but a few.




TPF Getinsa Euroestudios started operating in Egypt in 2013 after winning a major contract to conduct the feasibility study and the detailed design of tunnels under the Suez Canal. The assignment entailed the design of 3.25 km of rail tunnels and 3.6 km of double-tube road tunnels. Since then, the company has secured 3 new contracts in the railway sector: the upgrade design of the signalling systems for the railway section Tanta – El Mansoura – Damietta; the modernisation of the electrification system of Line 1 of the Cairo Metro; and in September this year, we received notification of the award of the contract for design review and supervision services for the construction of a new electrified light rail line between Cairo and 10th of Ramadan City, in the outskirts of Cairo.