“Engineering News Record” (ENR), a prestigious American magazine specialized in the construction industry, has recently issued the 2020 Global Sourcebook, which provides rankings, by area of expertise, of the world’s leading consulting firms.

A few months ago, ENR published the list of the top International Design Firms, where the global leadership of the TPF Group was acknowledged, placing us among the top 50 international consulting firms.

However, the new ranking is particularly important to us because it reflects our commitment to improving our teams’ technological expertise and to offering the best solutions, in each field, to our clients around the world.

Being ranked among the top 30 international consulting firms in transportation, the top 20 international consulting firms in highways, education, residential buildings and sports; or being recognized as a world leader in the water sector by securing a rank among the top 25 firms in essential areas related to the environment, such as drinking water supply, sanitation or dams and reservoirs, underscores the main objective of the TPF family, i.e., to deliver the best service to our clients, building a better world.