During a press conference on September 13, the Federal government and the Brussels Region introduced the project for the extension of the metro towards the North of Brussels. This major project represents a total investment of EUR 857 million (excluding rolling stock) and will improve mobility in Brussels.  TPF Engineering participates in the realization of this new line of metro as a specialized Engineering Office.

The extension of the new route stretches over 5 kilometres between the North Station and Bordet. It will include a metro depot and 7 new stations: Liedts, Colignon, Verboekhoven, Riga, Tilleul, Paix and Bordet. The creation of this new metro line will offer many advantages: improved frequency (a frequency of 3 minutes initially), improved comfort, an increase in the capacity (capacity at commissioning of 59,000 passengers between 7am and 9am), better connection speed (10 minutes between North Station and Bordet), better intermodality and improved safety for the users.

The total duration of the works is estimated to be 6 years, including 24 months for tunnel work (± 30m depth, 10m drilling diameter) and 28 months for the construction of stations, with works scheduled to start in 2019.

Design studies are carried out by the momentary company BMN (Bureau Métro Nord) which includes design offices SWECO, TPF Engineering, Amberg, Van Campenhout and Arep. Within BMN, TPF Engineering is in charge of the civil engineering structural design, and of the building equipment and services in the stations, as well as geotechnical tests on the entire route.