TPF Engenharia was hired by the Brazilian government, during 42 months, for consultative engineering services in the Ramal do Agreste’s implementation.

Ramal do Agreste is an adductor system with flow of 8 m³/s that will serve a population of more than two million inhabitants in 68 cities in the state of Pernambuco. It is an integral part of the São Francisco River Transposition Project, the branch is composed of 42 km of channel concrete, 16 km of tunnels, 3.2 km of aqueducts, two reservoirs, one pumping station and 7 km of pipeline, totalling 71 kilometers long, with an investment of around 1.3 billion reais.

The contract is already signed with the Ministry of Integration and the service is scheduled to begin in 2018. The consortium’s activities consist of coordinating, managing, supervising and controlling works, supplies, installations and assemblies, including project analysis, topographical, geotechnical, concrete and manufacturing controls, assembly of equipment, mitigation and compensation of the environmental impacts resulting from the works and the execution of land registry.