The Government of Mozambique, through the National Fund for Sustainable Development funded by the International Development Association of the World Bank, entrusted the Consortium TPF, led by TPF Planege Cenor in partnership with TPF Moçambique and Biodesign, with the preparation of Mozambique Spatial Development Plan.

With an intervention area that corresponds to the national territory (801 590 km²), this important plan represents the main strategic spatial planning instrument, defining and establishing general perspectives and guidelines that will guide the use of the entire national territory and the priorities for multisectoral interventions at national level.

The studies include the development of decision support tools, such as a geographic information system, an information platform, and a Strategic Environmental Assessment, as well as training and institutional strengthening actions.

This contract, with an estimated duration of 18 months, will contribute for the sustainable development of the national territory, counting with the interventions of all the agents involved in the Mining, Agricultural and Forestry, Transport and Communication, Industry, Environment, Tourism, Energy, Water, Fisheries, Health, Teaching and Education sectors, among others.