TPF-Utilities S.A.S. / France

Heavily involved in the environmental protection and the energy efficiency, TPF-Utilities Sarl offers high-tech solutions to businesses and government entities wishing to delegate the operation of their water treatment, heating, ventilation or air conditioning utilities.

Organization dedicated to the operation and customer relationship management

Most of the resources of our company are invested in operational functions. Our customers appreciate our availability and high reactivity.

Thus we easily adapt to the operating conditions of the technical facilities in order to offer you our expertise to the reliability and performance of your equipment.

Complete team at your service

2 operations managers, 4 team leaders, 25 technicians and 3 sales executives work daily to satisfy our clients and to develop our company.

Our staff has modern technical means ensuring the efficient management of our services and the communication with our stakeholders.

Strong convictions on Sustainable Development

Our concern for the environmental protection in practice results in the execution of our service by:

  • Continuous reflection on the materials recovery ;
  • Formalized management of waste;
  • The involvement of local resources.



TPF-Utilities S.A.S.
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156/220 rue des Famards
59273 Fretin


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