TPF Consultores / Portugal

TPF - CONSULTORES DE ENGENHARIA E ARQUITETURA, S.A. is one of the major Portuguese engineering companies, ensuring a fully integrated supply of engineering services, from design to integration of technical and management services in complex projects.

TPF Consultores is a global provider of Engineering, Architecture and Management services, with 39 years of experience in Water, Sanitation and Agriculture, Buildings, Energy and Transportation, operating in a wide range of markets. Is Certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and is also recognized by LNEC (Portuguese Laboratory of Civil Engineering) as Quality General Manager for Construction Projects, in all work categories and for the maximum class.

Thanks to its creativity and know-how, TPF Consultores has the necessary skills and resources to take responsibility for all phases of a project: from the feasibility study, including the elaboration of tender documents, works’ supervision, commissioning and start-up, as well as operation.

Focused on innovation and development of sustained projects, namely supported in BIM methodologies and processes, TPF Consultores offers engineering services in three business areas: STUDIES AND DESIGN, MANAGEMENT AND WORKS SUPERVISION and PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING.


Av. Almirante Gago Countinho, n° 30, Piso 2, Fração A

1000-017 Lisbon

Tel  +351 218 410 400
Fax + 351 218 410 409

Discover our projects

Chafrou Dam

Dam: hard landfill, with a profile intermediate between an embankment dam and... >

Béja Dam

Dam: rockfill with a concrete curtain in the upstream face; volume of... >

São Pedro Dam

Dam zoned embankment with waterproofing curtain. Landfill volume: 400,000 m³. Maximum dam... >

Chertioua Dam

Type of dam: zoned embankment with clay core; Landfill volume: 1,53 hm³;... >

BESA Agency

The multi-purpose building comprises a basement floor, intended for technical installations, ground... >

City of Zango I

The project includes also the urbanization infrastructures: roadway network (7,3km) including walkways... >

City Km 44

The project includes also the construction of the urbanization infrastructures: Roadway network:... >

Dundo City

The city develops in accordance with a radial structure. Apart from the... >

Cacuaco City

From the urbanistic point of view, the city develops according to a... >

Agency BPC – Namibe

The contract includes the construction of a building located in Namibe-Angola, sponsored... >

City of Capari

The ground area is of approximately 90,5 Ha and the construction area... >

Luanda Towers

Luanda Towers’ project was built in a plot with 7 000 sqm,... >

Pinhão Dam

Type of dam: zoned rockfill embankment with curtain waterproofing on the concrete... >

Serpa dam

Dam zoned embankment with waterproofing curtain; Landfill volume: 445 dam³; Maximum dam... >

Alvalade XXI

The sports complex is made up of football stadium with a capacity... >

Santa Justa Dam

Dam: zoned landfill with grout curtain. Dam’s maximum height: 39.3 m. Landfill... >