Synergia / Brazil

SYNERGIA is a consulting company engaged in the areas of socioeconomics, urbanism, environment, applied intelligence and communication.
The company operates in different territories from large cities to communities of different sizes and cultural, socioeconomic and environmental characteristics. Operates in more than 120 Brazilians municipalities and Africa (based in São Paulo, branches in Recife and Rio de Janeiro and office projects in Mozambique).

We create and implement studies, programs and projects to provide mediation solutions that meet different interests and foster the relationships between governments, enterprises and communities to develop sustainable and socially fair environments. Our multidisciplinary team (more than 160 employees) assists the development of compensation and effective mitigation plans to deal with social and environmental impacts. Founded in 2005, Synergia offers effective solutions to private and public sector companies, private companies controlled by the government, municipal, state and federal governments, autonomous government agencies, foundations, nonprofit organizations and international multilateral organizations.



Av. Ipiranga, 104 – 13° andar
01046-010 São Paulo – SP

Tel +55 (11) 3062-9329

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