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Environment - portfolio

Our company provides its experience and human resources to the public sector, such as government departments and local authorities, and to the private sector, such as the food processing, steel, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We has four main sectors of activity in this area:

Design and monitoring: characterization of effluents, preliminary design and design of water treatment plants, gauging, sampling and analyses.

Management: administrative and technical management of plants, consultants and technical assistance in running and optimizing the performance of water treatment plants and energy installations

Operation: maintenance and daily monitoring of fluid circuits (e.g. compressed air), at water treatment plants and energy installations.

Environmental Consultancy : Next to drawing up environment licence applications and offering general hygiene and environmental consultancy, we must also take into consideration the possible complementary internal demands of client's or specific requirements resulting from BRC, IFS accreditation, GMP or hygiene or environmental quality management systems (ISO9000, ISO14001, HACCP, etc.), in which, no doubt, is based on one of our core business, particularly the processing industry and food processing.


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